Living Portrait Series - Kelsey Green Part 4

Kelsey and Tommy were married in Hot Springs, NC, on August 9, 2014, with close to 300 people in attendance. The following is the continuation of the Living Portrait Series from the Asheville Citizen-Times and the link to the series on the paper's website.


Kelsey and Tommy's Wedding Ceremony, Hot Springs, NC 2014

I feel like I’m living in a beautiful example of community right now and it feels really fulfilling. If you need anything, you’ve got people to help you. For example, planning this wedding, it’s terrifying. But then, whenever I’ve thought about it, I realize I know so many people that are gonna help. You said you would do photographs for me.  And Jay, a good friend, will end up cooking our pig. Having people that can help make this happen. Ricky is going to marry us. Olivia is making my dress and Tommy and Ricky’s vests; she’s a seamstress. If I run out of flowers I can call Suzi. I got people. It’s like a family. A community is a beautiful thing, but this community is more like a family. It’s very deep and we all love each other and are willing to help each other out. I’m doing trade with Matt Hess right now. I’m working for him so he can come help me out on my place. That’s the sense of community that I think about – people that are willing to help. Moving into Sodom Laurel, we didn’t know anybody, but you start making connections and then you know everybody. That’s a beautiful community. Everybody is – “If you need anything, this is my phone number, this is where I live, don’t hesitate to call or come take a shower or use our washer and dryer. Everybody is that way around here. The majority of people are willing to help the next person.


Kelsey Getting Her Hair Done before the Wedding, Hot Springs, NC 2014.


Six of Kelsey's eight sisters (Bridesmaids), from the left, Cassandra Lewis, Anne Schneider, Ekho Hawk, Kate Amberg, Holly Cosby, Kyndall Waynick, Hot Springs, NC 2014.


Kelsey and Her Two Grandmothers, Sophronia Green (left) and June Jenkins (right), Hot Springs, NC 2014.