Mia Nonna


Jenny Galeano with me, her first grandson, Silver Spring, MD 1948.

My grandmother would have been 118 years old today had she lived. She didn't, dying at the ripe age of 96. We think. 
I wasn't her oldest grandchild. That honor goes to my two cousins pictured below, Janice Reed, who passed away earlier this year, and Dolores Oliveri who lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
But I was the first grandson, which in Italian families, carries a certain import that I presume includes wearing little dresses and berets. I do think the outfit served to inform and strengthen my feminist side. 
I've written about my grandmother before on this blog and here I've chosen to repost the eulogy I presented at her funeral in 1995. 



Cousins Janice Reed (left) and Dolores Oliveri, maybe in Delaware, ca. 1947.