Little Worlds


My original intention with my blog was to simply put my work in front of people. My friend and co-worker, Jamie Paul, suggested I blog, and while I resisted it at first, it’s become a perfect avenue of expression for me. It’s allowed me to combine my photography with an equal obsession with words. I could cover any subject that interested me - photography, Madison County new and old, family, the landscape, travel, just to name a few. And I could work at my own pace with little pressure and no deadlines. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed producing the posts, most especially for the new people they have brought into my life.

But I’ve decided to take a break from blogging and most social media. I can’t imagine not talking for very long, or not wanting my work to have a public venue. Yet I can imagine, and welcome, taking a break from it. For those of you readers who have followed this blog over the last seven years - thank you. Your goodwill, support, criticism, and positive reinforcement have kept it moving forward, and I’m sure those same offerings will bring me back to it at some yet-to-be-determined time in the future.