My father, Robert Warren Amberg, High School Graduation Picture, Chicago, 1935



I’m a day late with this thank you. I’m sorry. But I born a few days late so I sense you learned early on to wait on me. Thank you for your patience that lasted throughout your lifetime.

Yesterday, on Fathers Day, my oldest, Benjamin, called from work, unable to talk for very long and we made plans to speak later in the week. Kate has been home for a couple of months and she, Shu, and Kelsey fixed a great supper for all of us, our friend Cedric included who is visiting from South Dakota. A great meal and greater evening. I am a fortunate son.

I thought to call you in the middle of the evening, but that, of course, is impossible. It’s been over eleven years now. It’s been an eventful stretch of time, marked most clearly by the evidence of time’s passage on each of our faces, and in our lives. Know that I think of that, and of you, daily.

I mainly just want to thank you for bringing us to the world so that we may make our own imprints on time’s journey. And I want to add that this is a killer tie you are wearing. I trust you are resting well.