Rob's Big Trip


Highway 44, western South Dakota.


As some of you know from previous posts, I went on a five and a half week solo road trip in October and November. I ended up in Portland, Oregon, with Benny, after travel through part of the upper Midwest. Thinking of weather, I came home on a southern route through Nevada, Arizona, and points off of I-40. I had billed the trip for weeks as a pilgrimage to see Crazy Horse in South Dakota, hoping he might have answers for life's persistent questions that seem to enter one's mind when you arrive at my age - 68 this month. 

The trip would prove to be the longest continuous period of time I had been away from the mountains since I moved here in 1973 and provided me  with an opportunity to think about my relationship with the place I've called home for forty-two years. It was also the longest stretch of time I had had for myself without family, or clients, or friends around. Part of the challenge was just seeing if I could stand my own company for that long. 

Next week I will begin posting a serialized travelog from my trip. It will contain journal entries, a fair amount of writing, and photographs, many new images from the trip and some better edits of ones I've already published on this blog. 

I also want to thank Leslie for understanding my need to take this trip. I was fortunate to be able to get away for such a long stretch of time. I recommend it for most everyone as a kind of laxative for the mind and for no other reason than to see this stunningly beautiful and diverse country we call home.